What is CHP Energy?

Combined heat and power (or CHP) energy is an exciting and highly-efficient innovation in energy production that, in real terms, can help to reduce carbon emissions by as much as 30% compared to traditional boilers and power stations.

For many enterprises concerned about their impact on the environment, CHP generators are the way forward; a way to both improve their ecological impact and to reduce their energy costs at the same time.

How does it work?

When generating electricity through traditional means, heat is naturally given off as a by-product of the process, and would normally just dissipate into the air. With a CHP generator, that heat is redirected and utilised elsewhere, fulfilling a demand for heat energy that would otherwise have to be provided by a regular boiler.

For example, if you’re using CHP generators to produce electricity for a complex of buildings, the heat created during normal production can be used to run the central heating for the complex.

As this is, to all intents and purposes, “free” heat (or rather, heat that would have been produced anyway, and simply have gone to waste), CHP systems are remarkably energy efficient.

How can CHP energy assist me and my business?

There are many advantages to switching to CHP generators. Among the most common reported are the following:

  • Energy efficiency – this is typically shown to be over 80%
  • Energy bills – these are typically shown to be reduced by 20%
  • Carbon emissions – these have been shown to be reduced by up to 30%
  • Energy distribution and transmission losses are shown to be drastically reduced
  • The security of fuel supply has been shown to increase

At GA Power Solutions, we are able to offer you a variety of CHP generators, from off-the-shelf models to wholly custom-built devices. Get in touch with our friendly and professional team today to discuss your requirements and to get your free, no-obligation quote.

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