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Generator & UPS System Health Checks

We can provide straight forward generator and UPS system health checks on either a scheduled or ad hoc basis. Being manufacturer independent, we can assess unit installations from a wide range of manufacturers.

We can asses battery life for your UPS and identify potential problems with your generator system. Ideal if you have recently taken over a building and are not sure of the power system you have inherited, or have not arranged regular routine service & maintenance. A thorough power system health check is critical to a fully functioning generator and UPS system.

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Site Assessment

As part of your power continuity programme, we can review your existing power requirements to establish the level of power protection your site needs, and then provide you with a range of options.

We will consider your future expansion possibilities aswell as current power loadings. We will assess your mains distribution boards, switchgear, transformers and specific site requirements regarding space and infrastructure. We can then help to supply, install and maintain the correct power continuity system as you require.

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Integrated System Testing

We can provide on site integrated system testing to ensure all of your installed equipment operates as it should do. There is nothing worse than a false sense of security and integrated system testing is an ideal test!

With our load bank rental, we can test your generator & UPS systems to ensure they will perform as required prior to the site being up and running, saving time and money. The load test will check AVR & governor response, prove power management systems, prove protection schemes and load sharing equipment and enable a simulated operational test even before all equipment is up and running.

Power System Health Check

What Do I Need to Test?


Diesel & Turbine Generators can be tested upon commissioning and on a annual basis for maintenance purposes.

UPS Systems

Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS) can be load tested to ensure that they are in full working order. Also critical to provide heat testing in server rooms and data centers.

Heat Load Testing

Test a data centre’s cooling infrastructure with one of the hire range of variable kilowatt heat load banks.

Integrated Systems

Carry out “Black Starting” to ensure system can take full load within short time frame. Ensure controls and switch panels work as expected and ATS operates in sequence.

Request your power system health check today so that we can offer the most optimised generator and UPS power solution

Why Us?

We are one of the leading providers of generator rental and loadbank testing equipment. We pride ourselves in our problem solving solutions and can offer comprehensive and professional project management from start to finish. Be it for a one of system health check or scheduled annual system tests, we deliver results you can rely on.

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