Gas & CHP (combined heat and power) Generator Sales & Installation

We can supply a range of commercial CHP and gas generators from the most reputable and technology led manufacturers.

Working with our international manufacturers and associates we can offer full support and warranty for your CHP projects as well as CHP consulting.

Cogeneration or Combined Heat & Power (CHP) is a well proven technology which  converts a single fuel, typically gas or diesel into both electricity and heat in a single process at the point of use. CHP generators from GA Power Solutions provide operational, environmental and financial benefits due to them being highly energy efficient whilst supplying your power.

CHP and gas generators

Gas & CHP Generator Sales & Supply

Gas generators can drive some powerful and exciting new changes to the way organisations run.  Gas generators and combined heat and power are well proven technologies offering high reliability, durability and fuel flexibility.

Investing in cogeneration is an increasingly popular choice especially in the current climate. With energy demands ever increasing as well as energy costs, we are seeing organisations from various industries seeking sustainable and efficient power generation solutions. Do you need help progressing your CHP project? We have been working with our partners to offer chp consulting on a range of projects so call us today.

With the benefits of being in control of your own energy, minimising your greenhouse gas footprint, and lowering energy consumption and costs low; its easy to see the benefits of CHP.

We can offer a range of CHP and gas generators and systems from 500kW(e) to 3 mW(e) and higher when combined multiple systems. We can offer mains-gas, LPG and LNG systems as well as large lean-burn- gas sets.

Cogeneration & CHP

Clients wanting an environmentally friendly system that generates their buildings energy needs are turning to cogeneration or CHP projects. They can generate electrical power on site therefore reducing the losses associated with typical electrical power transmission. The waste heat energy produced from this can then be used for heating or cooling the facility.

Natural gas fuel is more beneficial to the environment than other fossil fuels due to its emissions being lower.  Alongside the fact that cogeneration systems are more efficient overall then typical conventional electrical power generation.

Working directly with our approved manufacturers we can offer a comprehensive chp consulting service, from consultation and design, to supply and long term maintenance of your gas or CHP installation. Contact us today about your CHP and gas generators.

Contact us today to discuss how CHP generators or gas generators could be a positive impact in your organisation.

CHP and gas generators

generator servicing, generator maintenance

Gas & CHP Generators

  • Significant energy savings and greater customer control of energy costs.
  • Eligibility for CHP tax credits and “carbon credits” for reduced CO2.
  • Results you can measure.
  • We can be your single source supplier for everything from the generator and switchgear through to installation and maintenance.
  • Manufacturer warranty included.
  • Easy way to hedge against rising energy costs.
  • Enhanced power reliability as well as business continuity for critical operations and processes.
  • Service agreements direct with manufacturers mean a hands-off operation and maintenance strategy.
  • A system that provides high heat reliability, high fuel efficiency and low emissions.
  • Project that can improve organisational financial, environmental and competitive performance.