Diesel vs gas generators

As one of the country’s top generator suppliers we are often asked: “which is better – diesel generators or gas generators?”

Our answer? It depends what you need it for. With that in mind, here are a few pointers to help you decide.

Gas generators

Gas generators operate in the same way as any other, the only difference being how they’re fuelled. Most gas generators utilise a pipeline for their fuel delivery.

Pros of gas generators

  • Of the fossil fuels, gas is the cleanest, producing lower levels of nitrogen, sulphur, and carbon dioxide.
  • Gas is also cheaper than other fossil fuels.
  • With their pipeline delivery system, gas generators don’t need fuel tanks.

Cons of gas generators

  • Natural gas is highly explosive, and could be a serious fire risk if the pipeline is compromised.
  • Should the pipeline delivery system break down, you will not be able to fuel your generator.

Diesel generators

Diesel generators are mostly used to deliver power in areas that have no access to a utility grid, or to act as backup power supplies in the event of an electrical failure.

Pros of diesel generators

  • While more expensive to purchase, diesel offers greater fuel efficiency compared to gas.
  • With diesel being less flammable that other fuels, it also poses less of a fire hazard.
  • Diesel generators tend be hard-wearing, with a life expectancy that exceeds its gas equivalent.

Cons of diesel generators

  • Though cheaper to run, diesel generators are more expensive to purchase outright.
  • Diesel generators tend to be significantly louder than gas generators, though this is starting to improve.
  • Diesel generators are often heavy and cumbersome, and therefore difficult to move around.

At GA Power Solutions, we have an extensive range of both diesel and gas generators available for sale across the UK. For more information and advice on which would suit your requirements the best, call us today on 01623 624005. A member of our friendly and helpful team will be happy to discuss your generator needs, and provide you with a free, no-obligation quote.

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